Board Retreats

Great board leadership is becoming more challenging. Navigating rapid change, building great governance models, deepening understanding of landscape trends, and setting the course for critical  growth are needed now more than ever.

Let WisdomWorks plan your next board retreat.

We are experts in creating engaging, interactive and board level appropriate retreats customized to leverage the internal and external wisdom available to guide your organization into its future.

WisdomWorks will take your board on a journey that will help identify and frame the most critical issues facing your organization, leading them through generative discovery that will help connect your board and shine a light on new pathways to move mission forward.

How does WisdomWorks do this?

Your board’s journey begins with an assessment to identify and frame the most challenging issues facing the organization now and into the future— readying to make sure that every moment of your board experience delivers the learning needed.  Issues might be internal or external, some might be pressing, and others less so, but the goal is to help your board arrive at critical understandings.  WisdomWorks will help you frame these challenges.

WisdomWorks then conducts research through its vast relationships with thought leaders and research groups to sift through the sea of information to find the most relevant materials for your board. Often we will interview experts and incorporate them into the board learning package, and if appropriate, may even have experts attend in person for interaction and dialogue

Research in hand, WisdomWorks crafts the board’s journey over the time allotted to design a WisdomCaptiveTM, a proprietary process using mixed facilitation methods to help capture and leverage the wisdom of the board as it relates to the challenges and opportunities facing your organization. The WisdomCaptiveTM is the unique, but structured process custom designed to help your board engage in generative and strategic action leading to practical outcomes for the executive leadership to leverage.

With this foundation of preparation, it's retreat time.  WisdomWorks will facilitate your board retreat keeping the content and conversation fun with maximum board engagement to achieve your outcomes. 

Following the retreat, WisdomWorks will provide the board a report with key findings along with an action plan to guide the board as it moves forward. Standard retreat packages include 2 days of follow up consultation with WisdomWorks as you implement and modify the board’s discoveries.

Let us make wisdom work for your organization, call for a quote on your board retreat package.

Mark Matlock, President WisdomWorks LLC - has worked with and under boards as the executive director of Planet Wisdom and Youth Specialties for two decades. His experiences have led the organization through mergers and acquisitions from sole proprietorships, non-profits, and publicly traded. These experiences led to adept insight into organizational change, innovation, and governance.

Mark’s board experience is extensive having helped on founding boards such as MercyMe’s Imagine A Cure Foundation, as well as service on the boards of The Seed Company and the American Bible Society.

Mark is a certified LifePlanner with the Paterson Center, a trainer in the MCORE motivational assessment, experienced facilitator of Lego Serious Play and Open Space Technology and also a member of the International Coaching Federation and International Association of Facilitators.

WisdomWorks embraces policy governance models combined with generative leadership principles for developing healthy boards. We rely on frameworks for implementing adaptive leadership for promoting resilience in organizations.